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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Scott: yes, you have 'Condemned to Death' which is about the sandy beach of Fanore, north of Doolin; 'A Fatal Inheritance' which is about a steep valley bordering on the road by the coast, between Doolin and Fanore.
And then in November, I think, you will have 'An Unjust Judge' which is, by coincidence all about Doolin itself.

I'm not sure what you mean, Cil. All emails come straight to me and I won't publish them unless you are happy for me to do so.

Wed Jul 6 19:48:07 2016

Hi Cora,

I was just wondering if there was any way to contact you outside of the public guestbook, like an e-mail?

Tue Jul 5 22:57:36 2016

Scott writes from USA-NO CA
It's me again!
Ah, I didn't take a close look but it looked like a photo I took one night on the bridge!!

I hadn't noticed your other series so will take a look as I enjoy reading about areas I'm familiar (enjoy visits to Doolin, connections to Tipp, Cork and other regions) which helps my mental vacation and visualizing while reading :-)

I didn't realize I was so far behind so as you say, who knows what the future holds.

Thanks again,

Tue Jul 5 22:21:01 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
It's a great pleasure to me to get your emails, Scott, and one of the things I enjoy most when writing the Mara books, is this blending of fact and fiction.

Yes, you are right. That is Bunratty Castle and it was, at that time, probably the principal residence of the kings of Thomond. This one will have no sudden gap, but moves on from the one you are reading now. You are a few books behind my production line, and, who knows, the publisher might change his mind and carry on with them.

If not, I wonder whether you might enjoy my series about Cork city in the 1920s. Have a look on the first page of this website, and read the reviews there or on Amazon.

Tue Jul 5 20:03:36 2016

Scott writes from USA- NO CA
It's me again, I just looked up what I think is next for me- Verdict of the Court. I'm sure the cover image is similar to many places but I instantly thought I was looking at Bunratty Castle! Do you have any other books/series that have similar qualities- threads of history, mystery, writing style that puts you "in place"? (if any of this is better off line or boring to others, you can shoot me an email). I'm not aware of any other Celtic series that work in such qualities and I've searched a few times (I've been reading the Fidelma series for a while).
Thanks again!

Tue Jul 5 16:53:19 2016

Scott writes from USA- Northern California
Hi again,
Ah, that's what I've enjoyed- threads of history and reality in the stories :-) Now you are making me look up another character. There had been a gap in my reading so this confirm a bit of my thoughts as I was reading. In the passing of time, Mara's dog had also passed which added a sad note.............ach, who knows about the future, right?

Tue Jul 5 16:45:58 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Just to clarify re Cross of Vengeance, Scott - Yes, it does skip a few years. Sales had gone down and I was anxious to reach the end of the Mara story before the series was finished due to economics.

In the event, that did not happen.

I was very anxious to introduce Mara's grandson, Domhnall, as he was the last Brehon of the Burren and was responsible for collecting old Irish law, Brehon law, and the scripts written under his supervision by his scholars are now in the British Library in London. I was allowed to handle them and I must say that my hands trembled!

Thu Jun 30 18:25:32 2016

Scott writes from Northern CA
Hi again Cora,
I missed your earlier reply and thank you for replying re the demise of the Burren/Mara series. Again, I missed your reply and as I'm still reading Cross of Vengeance my mind pondered the "why". I confirmed that I hadn't missed/skipped a book but it has surprised me to see some students gone and Mara's son so mature between this and the previous book.
Anyway, let me emphasize how I've enjoyed your writing - not just the mysteries but the details of Mara's travels (describing the local characteristics, plant names that have me taking notes, etc. Since I don't see myself traveling for a while, it allows for a "mental vacation".
Do you have other mysteries or know of another that has such detail- the mysteries plus feeling like you are at the location?
Thanks again,

Thu Jun 30 16:01:27 2016

Cora Harrison writes from ireland
I use this email, Mike.

Michelle Duff seems to handle this sort of thing.

It would be lovely if you did stock the Burren series!

Many thanks for your interest.

Wed Jun 22 11:16:35 2016

Mike Considine
Hello. I can't find any link to email and both tel numbers do not work on the site. Trying to enquire about stocking The Burren Series. Can I please get an email to contact. Many thanks. Mike

Wed Jun 22 10:53:19 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you, Evelyn. I hope you enjoy 'A Shocking Assassination' just as much. It is now out in the UK and features the same main characters.

Unlike the Mara books, this series tells the story through the eyes of three people. Unlike Mara who is a professional law enforcer, the Reverend Mother cannot be the main investigator and so I created the young policeman, Patrick, a former pupil.

And since politics were so important in the Cork of the early 1920s I created Eileen to give a voice to the many idealistic young people of the time.

Sun Jun 19 07:12:27 2016

Evelyn writes from British Columbia, Canada
I have just finished -A Shameful Murder, your new series.
I would like to tell you how very much I enjoyed it.The characters are so real.
I have also read all your Burren Mysteries. You have amazing gifts of analysis, persistence and skill in writing. Thank you for sharing this with so many readers. Wishing you continuing success and good health.

Sun Jun 19 02:14:40 2016

Cora Harrison writes from ireland
Yes the decision lies with Severn House. I would be delighted to write more. I have lots of ideas. Perhaps pester librarians to stock them also!

I think most of the market is in America. I noticed that neither the library or bookshops in Cork stock the Reverend Mother series and I was surprised about that.

Thu Jun 16 21:03:17 2016

Marlene Hazlehurst writes from ireland ...north
I can't believe that we have possibly had the last of the Mara series. Who do I write to to beg? Seriously though please write more in the series, it's too good a storyline to let drop.
I have read all the series and the first two of your new series set in Cork. Both exptional.

Please let me know who to ask for more of it your publisher?


Thu Jun 16 20:43:30 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
That's very nice of you, Marie. The decision is in the hands of the publisher (Severn House, Sutton, Surrey, UK SM2 5DA) and is a matter of mathematics. In order to pay staff, rent premises, pay printers etc. They have to sell at least a few thousand copies. As well, of course, to libraries. My big market seems to be libraries in both UK and US, but, of course, ten or twenty people can read the same book!

My publisher, editors etc. all love the books and I fully understand their position.

I am, nevertheless, very sad as I have lots of other ideas and hoped to bring Mara up to the end of Brehon law in the Burren.

Wed Jun 15 19:15:10 2016

Marie writes from USA
Cora is there someone that we can write to and let them know that we need more Mara books. It gets harder and harder to find well written books. I've greatly enjoyed this series so much so that I buy them from Amazon.UK because I don't want to wait until they are released in the US.

Wed Jun 15 18:52:46 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I must say that I am really enjoying writing these books and exploring the character of the Reverend Mother, and of her cousin Lucy.

My father and mother lived through these times and had lots of stories about the terrible happenings in the early 1920s.

I hope you enjoy the next book, which is now out in the uk.

Mon Jun 13 16:43:06 2016

Cindy writes from United States
While waiting for a copy of My Lady Judge, I read the new Reverend Mother mystery, A Shameful Murder - loved it! Appreciated the quotes from St Thomas Aquinas, with whom I'm not as familiar as I could be, and the perspective on the city of Cork and its people in the 1920's. The sympathy of the author for the characters involved - particularly those most buffeted by circumstance, and snippets of Irish history, were also appreciated. Looking forward to next!

Mon Jun 13 15:28:40 2016

Cora writes from ireland
One more to come, Heather. It should be published in the autumn. At the moment it's called 'An Unjust Judge'. I hope you like it when it comes. And I hope sales are such as to persuade my publisher to continue with the books.
Thanks for writing, but I could never put myself on a par with Jane Austen, just someone who likes writing stories.

Sun Jun 5 08:23:30 2016

Heather writes from USA
Last Burren book? I just read "Fatal Inheritance" in 6 hours because I could not put it down. If this is the last, my heart is broken!! Thank you, thank you for this AMAZING series!! You and Jane Austen are my soul sisters. :)

Sun Jun 5 04:11:37 2016

Ccra Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Laurie.

I hope that you like my Reverend Mother. She's tougher, certainly older than Mara and has seen and heard of many matters that Mara would never have visualised as happening in her native country, but they share a concern for the community and for the young.

Do tell me whether you like. The 'Cork' series as much as the Burren series.

Sun May 22 18:15:41 2016

Laurie writes from United States
I have just discovered your Burren series, and I love it! I'm so sorry it took me this long to find it. Can't wait to read your new series set in Cork in the 1920s -- an interesting and dangerous period in Irish history.

Sat May 21 06:13:46 2016

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Yes, I feel very sad that the next Mara book may well be the final one.

It's not my decision. I love writing the books and I still have loads of ideas. In fact, I only have to look at the very detailed map of the Burren that I possess and suddenly the name of a place will make an idea to pop into my head.

No, the orders from libraries for my books have very much decreased and unfortunately they will be unprofitable if this goes on.

Sad, but that is the way things go.

Wed May 18 09:40:45 2016

Cora Harrison writes from ireland website Guest Book submission from: Cora Harrison
Cora Harrison from ireland submitted the following message:
Very interesting.

When I was a headteacher (principal) we had a great support group/social group going among the head teachers of southern Kent. Mara is not modelled on any particular member but I could imagine her to be one of group and nowadays seldom hesitate as to her reactions or wonder what she is going to say.

Yes the church with the double- armed cross does exist at Killinaboy and it is an ancient monastic site.

Thank you, Scott, for a very interesting message.
Computer address:
Date: Tue May 17 16:38:30

Tue May 17 16:48:48 2016

Scott writes from USA/Northern CA
I just took a quick look at the Guestbook postings and see a reference to only one more Mara/Burren book remaining?:-( Out of curiosity, is it getting harder to write about the characters? I'm interested in learning the reasons why such is discontinued. As I've said, when not able to travel, such stories/mysteries are not only interesting but when written as you have it gives a mental vacation. With the Burren series ending, I won't have many options as I've found it hard to find what I consider good Irish/Celtic mysteries.
Thank you,

Tue May 17 16:01:36 2016

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