Cora Harrison

Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Cora Harrison
That would be wonderful, I am most grateful for your support.

Mon Nov 3 19:22:04 2014

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
Just now tweeted this: "Voted for "Verdict of the Court" in the Opening Round of the 2014 Goodreads Choice Awards, Cora Harrison..It was a write in but loved it!

Mon Nov 3 15:28:43 2014

Cora Harrison
Thanks for your interest

Fri Oct 31 18:47:08 2014

Dhandara writes from Brasil
Mrs. Cora Harrison is with immense pleasure I get in contact with you one hundred , is the first writer to speak in my life , I'm Brazilian , and I just read his book, "I was the best friend of Jane Austen ," ours is perfect! Love stories like this, I wonder if the continuation of the book is available in Portuguese ?! I await news . Thanks in advance .
Regards ,

Dhandara Alcantara Silva Carletti

Wed Oct 29 18:51:14 2014

Prish Hawkes
I can't wait... please finish it soon!

Thu Oct 23 19:29:52 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you for such a lovely message, Prish. It's easy to write about the Burren as I find it such a beautiful place.
As for Mara, she seems to have become one of my best friends. I feel that I know her through and through and can always tell what she is going to say or to do.
My next Mara book is about a valley in the Burren, and I hope you find that as evocative.

Thu Oct 23 12:05:26 2014

Prish Hawkes
Dear Cora
I have just finished reading Condemned to Death... I enjoy the Mara Mysteries so much; your research is so detailed ,the descriptions of the Burran are so evocative and beautiful and the story line so exciting that one is transported effortlessly into Mara's world and to the stirring events taking place! I found it really hard to put Condemned to Death down and had to keep reading and reading until I have reached the final chapter. I felt that the conclusion was a little darker than usual but but so sensitively and well written . Thank you Cora for a great read!

Wed Oct 22 17:03:04 2014

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US

I came to check on everything after finishing "Condemned to Death" for NetGalley and getting a premonition which my Irish greats called "the Sight".. I did love it but it made me a bit sad and felt from Mara that changes were coming. Looking around perhaps I was correct..It was an awesome book! but Mara may have plans?

Getting ready to Blog about the book as the preorder links are up

My gosh I did not tell you about my trip to Ireland. I have wondrous pictures of myself and cousin Patricia sitting atop our 13C ancestral tower house at Fantstown Limerick..

Yes I loved Bunratty and chattered on about Turlough.. We were then enroute back to Shannon.

My cousins who now own the castle at Fantstown were awesome and John who is owner/farmer of thet land also is farm manager at a famous stud 2 miles away and we visited with Istabraq and Sean Connery's horse Risk of Thunder aka "Risky".

Sun Oct 19 18:46:37 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
@i'm delighted that I've made another convert to the beauties of the Burren. It's been a fantastic September here and to drive past Cahermacnaghten down the corkscrew mountain road with the limestone gleaming silver and the very blue sea ahead of you is an experience that I never tire of.

re pronunciation, there is a wonderful English/Irish dictionary on the Internet and if you turn on your speaker, you can actually hear the word spoken. A fantastic resource! However, so many people seem to want it, that I must talk to the publisher about a phonic guide - I never like these things much - they look so uncouth, but obviously we're not all alike.

Hope you enjoy 'Condemned to Death' - just out in the UK. It's set on a most beautiful beach in the north-west corner of the Burren and one of my very favourite spots.

Thu Oct 16 10:37:01 2014

Kim Bradley writes from Saskatchewan, Canada
Hello, Cora. My wife and I were recently introduced to your Burren mysteries and enjoy them immensely. We read them aloud to one another (while driving together or washing dishes) and, like Sandra, we were really hoping that you had published a pronunciaton guide. We will make our first journey to Ireland in 2015 and hope to see something of the Burden. Thank you for these stories.

Wed Oct 15 03:19:41 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Sandra,
I'm delighted to sense that, for you, as for me, Mara has reality. I think of her as one of my friends.
re pronunciation, I have to make a terrible confession that I am useless at Irish, myself.
However, one of the wonders of the modern world is the Internet and if you type a word into Google and have your speaker switched on, then it will say it aloud, so very much better than all of those convoluted phonics.

From my very limited knowledge taoiseach is pronounced teeshock; tigherna is teerne

Do try Google though - it's marvellous.

CONDEMNED TO DIE is my next book to come out and this morning at 9:00 a.m. I shall start work on A FATAL INHERITANCE.

Mon Sep 15 06:45:08 2014

Sandra McClure writes from California, U.S.A
I love the Burren Medieval Mysteries, Mara is a really special and wonderful character and I am so pleased she shares her stories with you. I wonder, though, if there is a pronunciation key anywhere to help me with the sound of the names and places in your books? "doiche an dorus", 'taoiseach", "tighernae" and even the names…what might they sound like when spoken-either aloud or silently in my head while I'm engrossed in the story? I find myself often tripped up mid sentence wanting to hear the word I've just read. I know there are Gaelic language books/sites, translation and pronunciation books/sites but they are either very general or very specific-how about a key in the afterword for us unfamiliar with the sounds??? Just a thought. Hope this finds you well and busy writing the next Medieval Mystery.

Sat Sep 13 23:15:23 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland

I was throwing a ball for my giant-sized puppy, twisted to avoid him crashing into me, slid down a muddy bank and then heard two loud cracks ...

Sat Aug 30 18:50:47 2014

Joe O'Laughlin writes from USA
Owee !

Cora, you weren't jigging to the music in some hollow hill ?

Sat Aug 30 18:44:07 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Sorry for delay in answering these messages - I've been in hospital with a broken ankle.

Thanks, Joe - plenty of more stories in head, I'm preparing the way for Domhnall O'Davoren to take over the law school. As he is a real, historical character - jokes made abut him in the 1550s by his scholars - that will be an interesting challenge, though I suspect that his Grandma will be lending him a hand with solving mysteries.

That's a good idea, Dee. I'll get to work on that as soon as I feel better - rather doped up on morphine at the moment.

Wed Aug 27 16:17:10 2014

Dee Hansen
It would really help if there was a spot on your website where the books are listed chronologically by series with the dates right by the titles. Something small enough that we could see the whole list w/o scrolling. Does that make sense? And if it's here and I just don't see it, please help me find it. ")

Wed Aug 20 02:51:23 2014

Joe O'Laughlin writes from USA
Hi Cora,

Ireland with a vengeance, eh?

I just loaned your latest to a lady who will be whirled around the West, including a rout at Bunratty.

Can your people live through more, given their natural lifespans?



Thu Aug 14 22:21:01 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Liz. Yes I think that the Brehon law system was a wonderful law code and that it is a shame we ever got rid of it.
I'm glad that you found the plots intriguing and hope that you go on to enjoy the rest of series, going right through Mara's life from the birth of her son, to the time when he is a problem, near-teen.
Thank you so much for writing. Messages such as yours are what makes it all worth while.

Sat Aug 2 19:57:40 2014

Liz Geuken writes from UK
I have just finished reading The Sting of Justice and am about to start Writ in Stone. Thank you so much for such a wonderful series of books - the characters are so warm and real, and how much better a system of justice they had with their Brehon law! I htink your plots are intricate and well-woven and most satisfactory in the way of the best mysteries - I never feel cheated by the answer even though mostly I haven't seen it, and even if i have guessed part of it, there is always a twist that I don't expect!
Also, I have to say that I have never been to Ireland but looking at the photographs you have on your site here of the Burren, it is exactly as I pictured it when reading your books, so that is also a tribute to your skilful writing. Thank you for so much enjoyment!

Sat Aug 2 18:45:14 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I hope that you have a great holiday, Kathleen, and am delighted that you enjoyed the book on Eleanor, Countess of Desmond. I thought it was excellent.

Fri May 30 18:43:55 2014

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
Thanks so much for recommending the book on Eleanor Countess of Desmond. I bought it and so enjoyed it! I just reviewed it at various places and blogged about it.. Are you familiar with my Blog?
Kathleen ( 3 more days until we fly to Ireland)

Thu May 29 00:24:04 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Joe. I think that Ireland, when Independence came in the early 1920s, missed a huge opportunity when they opted to continue with the laws of England instead of making an effort to adopt and, of course to update, the Brehon Laws of their ancestors which had worked well up to the sixteenth century.

Tue May 20 07:09:00 2014

Joseph O'Laughlin writes from USA
Cora, I think you have shown us better than most how the culture was "in the day".

Now we need to learn what we can as time unwinds.

Tue May 20 01:31:17 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I'm so glad that you like it, Joe, and I do hope that you enjoy 'Verdict of the Court' and that you are not thrown by the move on from the 1510 to 1519 _ i'd so like to finish Mara's history before the catastrophe occurs and English law prevailed all over Ireland.
Yes, I do love the photographs of the Burren and the location of book 13, which I am just planning, is in a stunning location among the hills near to the coastline. Book 12 takes place mainly around the beach of Fanore.

Mon May 19 17:46:36 2014

Joseph O'Laughlin writes from USA
Hi Cora,

Excellent website update !

With the albums of pictures so accessible I can tour the Burren dryshod, in any season.

Panting to get the next book here in the US. Amazon says July 1.

Mon May 19 12:59:28 2014

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