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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Joseph O'Laughlin writes from USA
Hi Cora,

Excellent website update !

With the albums of pictures so accessible I can tour the Burren dryshod, in any season.

Panting to get the next book here in the US. Amazon says July 1.

Mon May 19 12:59:28 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Marilyn: Caherconnell is about a couple of miles away from Cahermacnaghten - also owned by Davorens - I placed Malachy the physician (who appears in the earlier books - the father of Nuala and the cousin of Mara - in that place.

Charlotte: Thank you for reminding me. I got on to my web manager (and son-in-law) and he will update shortly. The trouble is that I am rather prolific and no sooner is one book out than another is in the pipe line.

Thu May 15 16:14:58 2014

Charlotte Armstrong writes from USA
Hello Mrs. Harrison,
I was looking at your book list for the Burren mysteries and noticed your most recent books haven't been posted. The only reason I figured that there were new books because Amazon had them listed. My mom loves this series of yours and I'm about to try them out also. I hope you are having a blessed day!

Thu May 15 03:21:45 2014

marilyn miller writes from toms river, nj, usa
cora, just tried to send a lengthy message. didn't realize that the word "guest" was the security code. so, short version. my mcnamara ancestors were certainly misbehaving in "chain of evidence"' !! i took my grand daughter erin to ireland last summer. i think the tour director took us to caherconnell but i don't remember being at cahermacnaughten. now i'm confused. i also think he told us that his daughter was at a dig at caherconnell & there will be another one this summer. i printed some of the fotos of cahermacnaughten & nothing looks familiar !!

Thu May 15 00:37:07 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Kathleen: Have you read Anne Chambers (also wrote about Grace O'Malley) on Eleanor, Countess of Desmond. Very interesting about the origins of the Fitzgeralds in Ireland and about the 'Black Knight' and the 'White Knight. Anne Chambers is an excellent historian and it's good to see that the books which she wrote in the eighties are now being republished and are available on Amazon.

Sat May 3 07:32:05 2014

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
I did NOT guess the mystery until the Mac Mahon tried to leave, and even then not sure..

It was I think my favorite so far..A Knight of Glin (Black Knight) was connected with Kilmallock and my family..
and Genetta Ffant, daughter of James Ffant who was attained of treason,married John Burgatt who then held Fantstown. Their daughter Elen married the White Knight, Maurice Fitzgibbon.
Fantstown Castle was also a Tower House although not with 4 towers so I loved the descriptions of life there.

We will be staying in Kilmallock near to all of this..

Fri May 2 23:03:28 2014

Ceridwen Collins-West writes from Canada
Thank you Cora, for your response to my request of 20th March.
I do not have a kindle, but I do have 2 of your books on Kobo. You're right, in that the e-market is growing quickly, and this might just have to do it for me. (altho you can't get an ebook signed by the author!

Publishers are funny people in that they don't seem to realize that pbks sell out faster than hardcover if only for the fact that you can easily slip them in a pocket or purse. And they weigh less!

Again, thank you for your response to my query. Keep writing the Burren Mysteries. I love the characters, the setting, and the way you work your mysteries thru them, which keeps the reader mesmerized all thru to the end. Warm Blessings to you.

Thu May 1 15:28:02 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
No, I'm afraid the Law School is quite a bit north of Shannon. However, you will pass Bunratty Castle and it is well worth a visit.

Thank you for reviewing the book and I do hope that you enjoyed it - did you guess the mystery?

Many thanks for getting touch.

Wed Apr 30 19:31:46 2014

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
Finished "Verdict" last night and reviewed at NetGalley and on my Blog..Severn House retweeted part of my review..also on Pinterest etc.

"The author has flawless time and period details and the narrative and characters are captivating."

Loved this one extremely! Coming to Ireland on my first trip..Flying into Shannon June2 and then to Kilmallock..My maternal family( Faunt or Font) held Fantstown Castle way back so visiting the owners.. When driving from Shannon to Limerick will I pass the ruins of the Law School at Cahermacnaghten ?

Kathleen Carrow Ingram

Wed Apr 30 18:06:58 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Prish,

As always, I so value your appreciation of the books and of the life of Mara, as seen through my eyes. I do find it so interesting to write about the same character going through the years and imagining how she might change and how the advent of a baby, twenty-one years after her first child, Sorcha, might change her - perhaps make her more vulnerable - there's no doubt, even with puppies, that the older you get, the more you worry. I would like to get a chance to take Mara into old age - perhaps even up to the date of the work beginning on the document (known as Egerton 88 in the British Library) written in Cahermacnaghten Law School in the early 1560s - Mara would have been 90 in 1563!

Tue Apr 22 15:32:53 2014

Prish Hawekes writes from England
Dear Cora
thank you for the latest novel about Mara and the Burren;
Verdict of the Court!. The research as meticulous as ever, a great pacey story line and beautiful, evocative word pictures of the Burren.
I was very interested in the descriptions of the siege and battle at Bunratty Castle, and how it presented the darker and more intense side of the struggle to maintain Irish Independence and system of Justice from the persistent encroachment of Tudor England
Old friends and new characters were there to draw the reader into the story and help really identify with everything that was taking place ..and the end of the novel was dramatic and the final denouement was totally unexpected!
A fantastic read Cora ..thank you!

Tue Apr 22 14:44:32 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Linda,

I think that 'Verdict of the Court' is only just properly out in the UK and won't be out in the rest of the world until late summer.

It's interesting that I have a date for King Turlough's death - 1528, but no details as to whether he died of disease or of a wound. I don't think that he was killed in battle as 'The Annals of the Four Masters' (where I got that information) would have mentioned that, I'd say.

My next book that I am just about to write is going to be set in 1523 in the month of Mara's fiftieth birthday.

And after that - well, I'm not sure...

Tue Apr 15 09:04:30 2014

Linda Pelan writes from Canada
Dear Cora, wow, thanks so much for the Burren series, and I hope you keep writing about Mara, the school, the King and what becomes of them with the anglican invasion, if of course its in their time line.

Thanks also for bringing a touch of Ireland alive, I have enjoyed the books immensely and hope that you continue to write. I've looked for the book Verdict of The Court, but I do not see it available yet on KOBO - good news though, my local library does carry some of your books. So far I have all the Burren series and want to keep reading and reading.

You've given lots of choices so onto Jane Austin !! Thanks, Linda, aka Lindie

Tue Apr 15 02:55:20 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Judy,
I am delighted that you liked 'Verdict of the Court' - Bunratty is a hugely interesting castle, and was, of course, the principal residence of Turlough Donn O'Brien.

It's interesting that you should mention Dromineer, which I do think was a possession of a relation of Turlough Donn - probably a son-in-law. I must go and see it.

I've just finished Mara book 12 and sent it off to my editor - hope that she likes it.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. We had an ancient (rescued) German shepherd who might well have been about fourteen years old and we've just had the the trauma of having him put to sleep as he was no longer able to walk properly and seemed to be in pain.

Dogs give you so much and at least we can give them the ultimate kindness, no matter how heart-rending to ourselves.

Thanks for your very nice remarks - it is wonderful to hear that you liked my latest book.

Tue Apr 8 17:15:44 2014

Judy Ball writes from England
Dear Cora,
Just finished Verdict of the Court last night and loved it as all of the Burren books. This one especially as I have visited Ireland every year for the last 12 and the Bunratty area is well known to me. Also you mentioned Lough Derg and we stay near Dromineer with friends. Sadly probably won't make it this year as my travelling companion, 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel isn't in good health, but will re-read all the Mara books and pretend I'm back there. I know it's far from the Burren but what about including a mention of the castle at Dromineer? One of our favourite walks. Hope there is another Burren Mystery soon, keeps my brain going as I never guess the ending.

Tue Apr 8 13:18:46 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I'm sorry, Maria, I'm afraid that I don't - pressure of work and old age!

However, if the children have any questions on the book I would be delighted if they would send them the the children's message board and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Mon Mar 24 15:48:18 2014

Maria king writes from Ireland
Hi Cora ,
I am currently studying your book "The Famine Secret at Drumshee" with my class and I am just wondering if you still do school visits ?

Mon Mar 24 15:34:42 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Your letter is bitter-sweet, Ceridwin - lovely that you like the series so much, but sad that I can't help about getting you some paperback editions of the last six or so books. I do get so many requests, but I am in the hands of my publishers. They are certainly considering new editions of the books which have completely sold out, but in this market they are cautious.

Have you ever considered getting a Kindle? All of my books are available on that. I must say that I was reluctant originally, but now it's a precious possession as so many out-of-print and rare books have been re-issued in that format. And, of course, even if the physical machine wears out or is damaged, the books still remain in your 'virtual' library and are accessible from a new Kindle.

Fri Mar 21 08:02:12 2014

Ceridwen Collins-West writes from Canada
I adore your Burren Mystery series, & have the first 4 books of the series in pbk. I've tried to order more of the series in pbk, but no luck. I cannot order them from my local bookstores, nor even from TaraBooks in Eire, because they are not available. are asking prices that are for secondhand books at antique prices - meaning $$$$. I would love to get the rest of the series in pbk; do you know how I can do that?

Before leaving, I'd like to say I adore your Burren Mysteries so very much, and you portray your main character Mara, as though she lives and breathes in you. Thankyou for the hours of enjoyment I've had, reading the series thus far.

Thu Mar 20 23:09:16 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Lizzy,
You have a very Jane Austen name - I'm sure that the heroine of 'Pride & Prejudice' was called Lizzie as much as Elizabeth.
I was reading an interesting book recently which was the story of 'Pride & Prejudice', but written from the point of view of one of the housemaids, who had her own romance 'downstairs' while the young ladies 'upstairs' were falling in love with Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy.

I must say that I would love to write a third Jane Austen book and it would be such an interesting project. Hopefully, it will come about.

Thu Mar 20 20:31:57 2014

Lizzy writes from London
Hi Cora,

I love all the Jane Austen books. I was just wondering if there was going to be a next book prior to the Jane Austen books. I would love if there was. I would read it without a doubt.

Thu Mar 20 16:31:58 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you, Jeanne, for that lovely message. I, too, have favourite books that I read when I can't sleep and you cannot believe how wonderful it is to me that you feel like that about one of my books. I am so delighted to have heard from you and hope that you continue to enjoy my books.
With very best wishes from a grateful author!

Thu Mar 6 19:50:53 2014

Jeanne Pletcher writes from USA
I have truly enjoyed all of the Burren mysteries. So much, that as I was searching for a new theme for my Windows 8 computer, under the "With Custom Sounds" category, I found "Ireland" with 17 images. My favorite: the one entitled: "Poulnabrone Dolmen in the Burren, County Clare, Ireland" What an awesome image. Many of these images of the landscape bring your stories more to life for me. I really thank the person who created this theme, as I continue to read "Deed of Murder" (I've been staying up late reading, until 2 am, -or if I wake up at 4 am and cannot sleep- with my book light, because I cannot put them down and do not want to wake up my husband.

Thu Mar 6 19:20:42 2014

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
i must say, Michael, that I am enjoying having a new set of scholars to write about. Life does move on and these books, unlike the Agatha Christie ones where Poirot and Miss Marple are always the same age, are written to give the last years of semi-freedom from the threat of England, before Elizabeth I of England began a determined effort to change the way of life, the laws and the religion of the Irish people.
Since I am in my 75th year I have to skip a few years here and there if I am going to brig the story right up to the days when Domhnall O'Davoren got his scholars to copy out the Brehon laws - a document which is now in the British Library under the name of Egerton 88.
re the 'errors': the men were patrolling the boundaries, rather than standing outside the church because as I say in the book: 'The rights of sanctuary allow the man to leave the church in order “to take the air, to visit the lavabo and for the relieving of his necessities”'
The rope had to be held away from the flames coming from the window slits in the round tower.
Ardal's child, and the child's mother (he never married her) live in North Galway, in Connemara, quite a distance from the city.
re Grace - all that Mara knows initially is that the girl is terribly scarred - I think that is all that is needed.
re the 2/3 & 4/5 mistakes, well, I'm sorry, but these things do occur!

Mon Mar 3 08:41:27 2014

Michael Stewart writes from USA
Dear Cora,
I have read all of the Burren mysteries. I also am disappointed in skipping all of the years and losing the students except for Fachtnan. You gave the students so much character that I want to follow each one for a book or two. You have a never-ending source of stories.

There are a few errors in Cross of Vengeance that should be corrected before a reissue. On page 23 you have Father MacMahon talking to Hans, but Hans had already left to go "check his luggage."

After Hans is killed and Art is sent home, you still reference five boys one time instead of four.

When Fachtnan first shows up you say that he is the father of three girls, but all later references to the girls show that there are only two.

I looked but I must have missed an explanation of Grace being injured in a fire. That fact comes out in an oblique way.

Doesn't Ardal, who often visits Galway, have a "wife" and child in Galway?

I was not really sure why the guards were not watching the church and, instead, were looking down the road so they didn't see Hans leave the church.

It was hard to understand how the rope did not allow Cormac and then Mara to drop directly instead of being held up and lowered.

I hope you will write some more Burren mysteries, but that you will catch us up on the lives of the students that came before.

Thu Feb 27 20:29:59 2014

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