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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Linda GASCHLER writes from Usa
I am in the midst of reading Laws in Conflict having read all of the wonderful books in the series. I do hope more will be forthcoming and wanted to thank you for transporting me to another place in another time.

Most sincerely,


P.s. will the new series which I see is due on Amazon in August be strictly children's/teen read or good for all ages?

Sat Jun 30 02:39:45 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Sorry, Marilyn - I've been away.

The wasting disease was consumption or tuberculosis. It was called that in the time of Henry VIII in England (two of his sons, one legitimate and the other illegitimate died of this).

I do think that Severn House are making a mistake by printing so few books and pricing them so high, but then I suppose every author thinks their publisher could do better for them.

Fri Jun 29 11:33:39 2012

Marilyn Flood writes from USA
Thank you for your prompt answer! What is "the wasting disease" in modern terms or name? I've searched for it online, but haven't had any luck.

PS - my library is trying to locate your books that are missing from their series. I cannot believe any publisher would think other than they would be wildly popular!


Fri Jun 22 03:31:48 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Kathy, for your message.

Unfortunately, the books were not as popular as Macmillan and St Martin's Press hoped that they would be, so after the third book both of these publishers pulled out.
Severn House took over the series, but they work on very business like lines, just printing enough for the libraries (who pre-order) and an estimated number for Amazon. It's sad, but there is nothing that I can do about it, except suffer. There are some other dealers who have snapped up copies and you might find them on Amazon.

Thank you so much for your praise. I, too, love the Burren, and live within a few miles of it. Mullaghmore Mountain must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Very best wishes,


Tue Jun 19 17:49:08 2012

Marilyn Flood writes from USA
Good morning Cora,
My library has the first four of your Burren mysteries and the sixth, but apparently it is very difficult to get the fifth book, "Eye of the Law". Amazon doesn't offer it, either.
I just love the series, having been to the Burren several times. you are a wonderful author and I don't want to miss a book, or read them out of order. Can you help?
Thank you.

Tue Jun 19 16:54:38 2012

Kathy writes from United States
It was book # 8 that was being reviewed. I've just finished "Eye of the Law", book 5 and I know books six and seven have been shelved. I'll get caught up soon.

Thank you for telling me about the stand alone book. I may want to ask for it.

I'm so glad I finally took time to visit the website. Wonderful pictures!


Mon Jun 4 23:02:50 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
That's a very good idea, Kathy. I always like a map, myself.

Was it 'Laws in Conflict' that was reviewed. That is a little different to the other books as it is not about the Burren, but about the medieval city of Galway.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the books.

Sat Jun 2 15:30:39 2012

Kathy writes from United States
I am very much enjoying the your Burren Mysteries series. I was unaware of you and the series until I read a book review of book #8 in our local newspaper last summer. I asked my local librarian about it and she immediately ordered book #1 and as added to the series steadily thereafter.

I don't know Ireland at all and wish there could be a map printed inside the cover. Possibility?

Thank you for sharing this portion of history with us.

Sat Jun 2 00:22:06 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I hope you enjoy 'Debutantes', Amy. And I wish you luck with your writing.

Amanda: There was talk from BBC about the possibility of filming the series, but unfortunately it came to nothing. I would so love if it happened.
When you finish 'Scales of Retribution' do let me know if the solution to the mystery came as a surprise to you. I thought I did that one quite well!

Tue May 22 10:05:26 2012

Amanda Hogg writes from Australia
Hello Cora,
I have just started reading Scales of Retribution,the first of your books that I have come across and I love it!
I feel like I am really there and the characters just come alive.
I feel that it would make a great film.
I am a fan and look forward to reading more!
thanks Amanda

Mon May 21 00:46:38 2012

Amy writes from USA
Hey Cora,
just say your message about your new series, and i have to say i can't wait to read them! Good Luck with all your writing, and as an aspiring Author, i hope i have a skill as perfected as yours! Thanks again,
Amy x

Sat May 19 22:12:35 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Sorry Daniela - I don't think that Severn House have any plans to republish at the moment. The only thing I can say is that you can get it as an e-book if you have a Kindle.

I'm so pleased that you like the books.

Mon May 14 15:01:15 2012

Daniela writes from Germany
Dear Cora,

My first trip to Ireland 15 years ago made me fall in love with your country and also lead me to the Burren, where I spent a great time at Vaughan's in Kilfenora. I was so happy when I discovered your Burren Mysteries series a few years ago and I have read the first three parts. Now I tried to purchase part 4 and 5, but they are no longer available through "normal bookshops", but only 2nd hand, and some at incredible prices. Someone on even wants 444 for Writ in Stone... And although I really long to read more about Mara and the rest of the crowd, I am not really willing to pay that much ;-) Therefore I'd like to know whether they will be re-published soon.

Kind regards from Berlin to beautiful Clare, and Thank You for the wonderful characters you invented.

Mon May 14 11:05:11 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Oh, what a lovely message to get on a wet Saturday afternoon.
Thank you very, very much for going to the trouble to get n touch with me. I do so appreciate what you've said.

Sat May 12 15:14:26 2012

janey finch writes from england
what can i say but thank you, thank you, thank you for the burren books! cora your a very special and talented women, dont ever give up! your strories take me back home to ireland where i spent alot of my childhood and i feel so at home and safe when i read your books! thats what your books do to me! once again, thank your cora,
janey finch. x

Sat May 12 10:43:41 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Goodness, Marlene, how did you get hold of 'Laws in Conflict' so early - haven't even seen it myself yet.
Glad you liked it - I was pleased with how it turned out - a bit different to my usual ones, but medieval Galway, with its English laws is a very interesting contrast to the Gaelic kingdom of the Burren - less than thirty miles away.

Sun May 6 21:40:39 2012

Marlene writes from Ireland (North)
Just finished Laws in Conflict. Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it. Don't suppose it's possible for you to write 2 or 3 a year? I jest, but mow I have to wait for the next instalment!
I had hoped to get to Cashel in September and was looking forward to your talk but I'm not going to be able to make it..really disappointed.
Thanks for a great book.

Sun May 6 17:45:41 2012

Scott writes from Here
Since Mara had a wolfhound, I thought maybe you shared that interest. You are pretty close and would pass a test of deerhound awareness.

Sun May 6 06:24:07 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I think the Irish Wolfhounds are quite a bit bigger - taller and more substantial than the Scottish deerhounds.
I would love to have a wolfhound, but I am a bit put off by the fact that they often only live for a bout six years - and I break my heart over every dog that dies - ten years is bad enough, but six is just too short.

Thu May 3 20:30:18 2012

Scott writes from Here
I went to our 136th Highland Games where they had deerhounds and I thought for sure they were wolfhounds. It made me call my former biology teacher who raises wolfhounds and told her of my discover of deerhounds but also of the Mara series. She thinks she recognizes your name since one club would carry lists of books having wolfhounds in them.

Wed May 2 04:48:40 2012

Jessica writes from USA
Thank you for the list. I really do love them. A thoughtful read. Historical setting, and a strong female, with mystery is wonderful. My roots are in Ireland and I come from a family with strong women. One day i would like to see what you paint in my imagination with your words.

Sat Apr 28 22:38:30 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Jessica: Sorry - just my incurably careless nature - always rushing.
This is the way the books go:

Scott: Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Sat Apr 28 07:36:56 2012

Scott writes from CA
Ah, many listed but not many with rooms in late July. That being said, several came through and had vacancies so I selected one near the village/music but having a view of coast (and 30 Euro less than one suggested!). My backup, a simple but nice place from three years ago, finally responded but it was too late.

Anyway, I also found a place in Galway (err, races and festival!) so I'll leave in the a.m. to do some Athenry research and then head for historical Burren locations for photo ops.

I'll take note of your place for some grub and say "hi" to Mara.


Sat Apr 28 06:49:38 2012

Jessics writes from USA
I love your books... but i just notice you say Edna was 17 in A Secret and Unlawful Killing and you make him 16 in Sting of Justice and Fachtnan is! 19 then he is back to 18. Ive had a hard time even looking on the website trying to read them in order was i wrong? Does Sting of Justice come first?

Fri Apr 27 23:04:41 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
A lovely hotel is Gregans Castle hotel, on the Burren itself - expensive but gorgeous views and great food.

Otherwise there are lists of B & Bs in the area listed on the Internet.

Wed Apr 25 09:56:25 2012

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