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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Scott writes from CA
Hello again,
Oh, but this visit is late July. Some contacts have been Tourism out of Galway and I don't always go that route for the reasons you listed- when possible I ask local folk.

I always rent a car because I have so many off the beaten path areas to visit and on my own schedule. No reply yet from Burren Tourism re photo ops.

Many say to just go w/o plans but it is situations like this that can make for stressful travel. I did hear back from one in Galway but it will cost me to take on two beds. No reply from alternative in Doolin but we'll see. It will work out I'm sure.

At lunch I just about finished The Sting of Justice.

Have a sunny day,

Tue Apr 24 20:11:17 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Scott: I suspect that you have been in touch with the Irish Tourist Board. The hotels etc. give very few of their rooms to them as, someone told me, the ITB take a huge percentage off them for the booking. The first time we visited this region from England we were told the very same thing and then found that half the rooms were empty in the majority of the hotels which we had been told were full.
Doolin, the Burren, and Galway will be oozing with empty rooms in May. Try 'Googling' accommodation for these places and you will find plenty - Bally Vaughan is nice - much quieter than Doolin which is very much of a pub/native music centre. You should plan to hire a car because public transport is virtually non-existent. If you go to Aran, I would say try Innisheer - the nearest island - Innismore is the famous one and it's very touristy.

Tue Apr 24 09:57:58 2012

Scott writes from California
Hello Cora,
Well, I'm nearing the end of The Sting of Justice. I was disapponted this morning to find out there was no room in the inn in Galway or Doolin:-( Both places I was looking forward to and had communications going back six weeks but it will work out- maybe one of those caves you write about.

I also made an inquiry on photo ops for the Burren.

Almost ready for the next book,

Tue Apr 24 05:29:04 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Aubrey,

Yes, there is very little about George Austen in the three biographies of Jane that I read - Claire Tomalin, David Noakes and Park Honan. Some more information came from letter from cousin Eliza's father who was George's godfather.

In one of the letters that Jane wrote she mentions being able to talk to a deaf clergyman 'on my fingers' and that lead me to believe that she had learned the 'deaf-and-dumb' alphabet - and I surmised this was to communicate with George. Also Phylly talked about her cousin Eliza's son, Hastings, suffering from epileptic fits and being like 'poor George' so that gave me another little piece of information.

I suppose, however, a lot was just guesswork on my part as none of the brothers and sisters, not even Jane herself, ever mentioned George.

As well as the biographies that I mentioned, I found 'Jane Austen's "Outlandish Cousin" - the Life and Letters of Eliza de Feuillade' to be very useful.

I did, in fact, do a huge amount of research for these two rather light books - I have two shelves of reference books,

Thu Apr 19 20:12:39 2012

Aubrey writes from US
Hi Cora. I read I was Jane Austen's Best Friend for a school project. I was wondering what sources you used to get your information about George Austen, Jane's brother. Most of the information I have found is very brief and only says he had a disability. How much did you change George to fit your story? I loved the book and the sequel as well. I can't wait to see if there is going to be another book. Any help with sources would be appreciated.

Thu Apr 19 18:48:45 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I think you will find that Doolin is a major tourist area and directions to anywhere in the Burren will be readily available.

you should visit Innismore (the smallest of the Aran islands while you are there - the boat goes from Doolin and it's a fun trip and Aran is unique.

Wed Apr 11 20:45:04 2012

Scott writes from California
Hi Cora,
When I'm in Doolin, will it be hard to find directions to an area thought to be Poulnabrone?


Wed Apr 11 06:11:09 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you, Nicky.

I'm a great fan of libraries and it's a compliment to be liked by a librarian - who are always discriminating readers, in my opinion.

Wed Mar 21 07:49:08 2012

Nicky writes from New Zealand
Hi Mrs Harrison,
I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your books so enormously, that I regularly recommend them to Auckland Libraries readers and listeners. I'm looking forward to this years treats, especially Mara and her friends and relations

Wed Mar 21 01:05:31 2012

Scott writes from U.S.A.
Speaking of clover, you mention enough plant details that you must have a garden like Mara. I've looked up a couple and most would grow here. I try to have a few growing samples to remind me and add to stories I tell people as we spend time in the yard. I have some blue bells that remind me of times in Ballina and I hope/plan to obtain some fuchsia samples on the hopeful visit.


Wed Mar 14 04:43:48 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you for your good wishes, Scott. We have shamrock growing in the middle of our avenue on the farm where I live. I've never really worked out how different it is from clover, but I think that the leaf is smaller.
Hope you enjoy the next 'Mara' book and your visit to the Burren.

Tue Mar 13 16:39:23 2012

Scott writes from California
Hi Cora,
Well, I'm looking to see if there's a follow-up book to what I'm reading and I look forward to a hopeful stay in the Burren this summer.

I see you have a Cape Cod reader and I try to get my Cap Code cousins to join me on such adventures but the big hurdle is a cousin afraid of flying........she's missing out!

Happy Burren St. Patrick's Day,

Sun Mar 11 05:59:33 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Oh, how stupid of me!

I'm afraid that it is only the big publishers, these days, who can afford the meticulous editing. I blame myself. I am a very careless person - but I did think that I had felt myself into early sixteenth century Burren. I must be more careful and probably slow down. I had five books published last year and it's too much!

I'm glad that you enjoy them nevertheless and ,no, it's not nit-picking - but a very important point.

Fri Mar 2 07:23:51 2012

jj ferriter writes from usa
I am entranced by the Burren mysteries series. The action, locale and dialogue seem authentic and well reseached. I was suprised when an off note hit my ear. I'm reading the Severn House 2010 edition, On page 97 Dalaghis described as being "galvanized" into action, which reminded me of a previous quote by Mara (page 61) citing Ardal " Hope I'm not nitpicking but the idea of "animal electricty" was not posited by Luigi Galvani for another 200 years. Love your writing and am just hoping the editors will tighten up. Thanks for your works! JF

Fri Mar 2 03:42:11 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I wonder whether you visited the city of Galway when you were in Ireland, Sally? Galway was a strange place in the early sixteenth century - iit was surrouned by Gaelic Ireland, but it was an English city whose inhabitants spoke English and wore English clothes and, most interestingly, from my point of view, were governed by English laws- laws that would see a man hanged for theft of an article worth more than a shilling.
My next book, 'Laws in Conflict' sees Mara visit ther city in order to help a poor, slightly crazy man from her own kingdom who was rfaced with the death penalty for the theft of a pie. While there a murder occurs...

Fri Feb 24 23:12:42 2012

Sally H writes from USA
Hello Ms. Harrison..
Just a quick note to say that I have so enjoyed all of the Mara, the Brehon, books. Just finished "Deed Of Murder". Living in a fishing area (Cape Cod, MA) I was trying to imagine our fishermen going out in those "curraghs" - hard to imagine. We were in Ireland a few years ago, I remember "The Burren" and how fascinating the landscape was. We took the boat out to the Aran Islands, so I could just picture that kidnap attempt of King Turlough. I will be looking forward to the next book. Thank you for those wonderful stories.

Fri Feb 24 21:03:44 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Not at the moment, Amy. I'm just doing a new series for Macmillan called 'Debutantes' - it's a bit 'Downton Abbey' and will be out in the summer. It's about four your girls, daughters of an earl, but not of a rich earl, as in Downton but of a quite poor one.

Sun Feb 19 19:18:32 2012

Amy writes from USA
You must get this question a lot but will be any more Jane Austen books? I loved the first 2! i plan on reading them again but i have to ask, will there be any more Jenny Cooper??

Sun Feb 19 15:16:00 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Sissy: Have you clicked on 'Burren' on my site - lots of lovely photographs taken by my talented son-in-law (and webmaster). Fachtnan is, according to Google, pronounced F-AW-C-N-AH-N

Scott: Thanks for that - I do try to visualise the place when I write - sometimes I even do a little writing on my pocket computer when i am at an especially beautiful spot - like Mulloughmore Mountain in May.

Wed Feb 8 09:05:27 2012

Scott writes from California, USA
Hello again,
Not your best book/ are teasing! What I have stressed to others is how some writers can make you visualize an area and this book (My Lady Judge) does that- what a waste when they don't make you visualize the landscape and/or feel the warm people! I haven't had success in reaching a B&B I stayed in my last visit to Doolin (and no reply from O'Connors:-( ) but I hope to visit later this year.


Wed Feb 8 05:39:10 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Lynn: I've just checked on and found 'Scales of Retribution' in a Kindle edition at $11.55

Like you, I am a great convert to e-books - so light and easy to read in bed and as I live in a small cottage which is already overflowing with books- none of which I wanted to throw out - well, my Kindle is a life-saver.

Hope you enjoy 'Scales of Retribution'. I thought it came off fairly well, myself - and few seem to guess the mystery

Sat Feb 4 08:52:15 2012

Lynn Calvin writes from Chicago, Illinois, US
I'm another US Mara/Burren fan - and an ebook reader. I'd ordered one or two of the books in hardcover from the UK, but I was hoping for US ebook editions (I have both a Kindle and a Nook, or would happily buy from Smashwords or any source.

Any ideas on how to get ebooks? I only need book six... but would happily buy the ones I have in paper. (Amazon UK won't let me buy the UK kindle editions.)

Sat Feb 4 03:30:21 2012

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Miriam: I will do that - lovely frosty morning today - the Burren looks beautiful in weather like this.

Adrienne: I'm pleased that I can help you to picture the Burren. Like you, I first saw it on a holiday a very long time ago and loved it so much that we bought a holiday cottage quite near.

Sissy: You're going through my books quickly. You'll be pleased to know that I have just finished book 8 - 'Laws in Conflict'. It should be out in the summer.

Scott: Actually there have been quite a few men write to this website, but not recently. I think, on the whole, women are better at letter-writing. I'm delighted that you are enjoying 'My Lady Judge' - though I don't think it is the best of the books.


Thu Feb 2 08:32:09 2012

Scott writes from California
I thought about not writing because I was only seeing ladies having comments but in my early reading of my first Burren book, it doesn't seem to exclude my likes from enjoying:-)

I'm early in the book but the characters seem to be well developed and the writing makes you feel like you are in the Burren! This might seem obvious but many novels miss out on so much by not succinctly writing so you feel the communities, the landscape, etc.

I'm early into My Lady Judge and so far, so good!

Mon Jan 30 21:22:40 2012

sissy writes from oregon, usa
fell in love with the burren when we visited in 2008. loving the burren books! started reading them at christmas and am on the 5th one and january isn't finished yet.. and i am NOT a reader. i would love to know how to pronounce everybody's name.... Fachtnan?

Sat Jan 28 17:40:45 2012

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