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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Ruth: I'd love to do it, but it will be up to Macmillan publishers to decide whether they want another one or not.

Tue Apr 19 19:35:23 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
The first recorded writing down of Brehon laws occurred in the seventh century. It is not known whether they were written previously to that, or whether the law were just retained in the oral memory of the lawyers.

Execution was very against Brehon law where a fine was normally imposed in the the case of murder or other crimes. Only the muirder of a near relative was thought to be serious enough to incur the death penalty, and in that case the guilty party was put in aboat with no oars and allowed to drift out to sea. It was felt then that the ultimate decision belonged to God.

Tue Apr 19 19:32:34 2011

I was just rereading i was Jane Austen's best friend and Jane Austen stole my boyfriend and i really hope you plan to write a third book on what happens after the wedding.

Tue Apr 19 18:02:33 2011

Beth Muir writes from United States
Dear Cora,

I recently found your book Eye of the Law at my local library - they put out a nice selection of books about Ireland. I'm finding the history of the law in Ireland fascinating and am wondering about the sources for the laws. I recently finished a degree in Anthropology and for one of my classes (on Mummies of the world), I wrote a paper on the Old Croghan Man and I'm wondering about a possible connection/explanation for the remains. I realize that many people with much more knowledge than myself have probably researched these previously, but I would love to learn more on my own. Thanks for your help.

You have a very great gift for storytelling and I'm looking forward to reading more of your books.

Thanks for your time,

Beth Muir

Mon Apr 18 19:11:19 2011

Janis Foley writes from Canada

Except for the book, "Writ in Stone", I've read all the books in the Burren Series. I hate finishing one of them because I feel like Mara and the other wonderful characters are friends, and I miss them when I've finished a book. I hope you will be adding more books to the series.

I've also read "I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend" and since I'm a huge Austen fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and learning more about Jane and her family. I will be reading the sequel, too.

I too am a teacher and appreciate your efforts to nurture a love of literacy in children, through reading and writing, with a hostorical perspective. I could go on, but let me end by saying thank you for your great books about Ireland, the land of my forebearers.

Best wishes in your future writing endeavours.

Sat Apr 16 02:23:45 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Aayushi: That is quite a coincidence. I hope that you like Jenny and think that you are pleased to be sharing a birthday with her.
Have you read 'I was Jane Austen's Best Friend'? That is book one. I'm not sure whether there will be a book three or not.

Thu Apr 14 19:23:21 2011

Aayushi writes from England
Yesterday, I got 'Jane Austen Stole my Boyfriend' for my birthday and it was lovely to see that Jenny Cooper and I shared the same birthday although she is 222 years older than me! I have finished the book and really enjoyed it! I was wondering if there would be another book after this sequel? (:

Thu Apr 14 16:58:28 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I'm delighted that you like them, Esme.

re pronunciation I'm always worried about not doing this correctly, but very roughly:
Nuala= new-a-la
Teige= Tie-g
Turlough= Tur(as in the first three letters of turn) + lock
Malachy= Mal-a-key

Don't know whether this helps!

Wed Apr 13 22:22:45 2011

Esme writes from UK

I have read all the books in the Burren series and enjoyed them immensely.

I am looking forward to following Mara and her family, friends and neighbours in future books.

Just one thing 'bothers' me and that is how to correctly pronounce the wonderful names of many of the characters - Nuala, Fachtnan, Turlough, Tiege and many more.

Thank you for providing myself and my mother with excellent stories to enjoy

Best wishes

Wed Apr 13 21:20:47 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I'm not sure at the moment, Imogen. I suppose it all depends on how this one sells.
I'm delighted that you enjoyed it.

Wed Apr 6 10:52:24 2011

hi cora, i have just finished reading Jane Austen stole my boyfriend and i loved it i was wondering if you planned to write a third book

Tue Apr 5 19:27:09 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Reinier: It's wonderful you enjoyed the Burren when you have been to so many countries. I do hope to go on writing the books for a few more years.

Grace: A wife of 4th degree is where there is an informal union and the man visits the woman with her family's knowledge and consent. I thought I had put in the different drgrees of marriage but it must have been in one of the other books.

Lola: The sequel, 'Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend' is out now in the UK and is available on Hope you enjoy it.

Geraldine: I've read Lawrence Ginnell, also, but the best books of all are the the books written by Fergus Kelly. He is a great expert.

Fri Apr 1 20:39:03 2011

Geraldine Long writes from USA
Dear Ms Harrison,

I thoroughly enjoyed your Burren Mysteries, I've read them all - they so peaked my interest in Brehon laws that I surfed the net and found "The Brehon Laws" by Laurence Ginnell 1894 extremely interesting. I travel quite frequently to Ireland and spend a lot of my time in Ballyvaughan and the surrounding area I love to hike the Burren and end my day in O'Loclainn's Irish Whiskey Bar.
I look forward to you next edition and thank you for a most enjoyable read.

Thu Mar 31 20:05:21 2011

LoLa writes from America
I really enjoyed I was Jane Austen's Best Friend. It made my top list of books alongside Pride and Prejudiced. Will you be releasing a sequel of the book anytime soon. Please do say so.

Thu Mar 31 01:23:32 2011

Grace Drennan writes from US
Hi Cora,

I am just about finished with The Eye of the Lord and have thoroughly enjoyed it. But I am intrigued by an expression you used and cannot find any explanation or definition online:

What is a wife of the fourth degree?


Mon Mar 28 16:05:36 2011

Reinier Veltkamp writes from Netherlands
Dear Mrs. Harrison
It's a great pleasure to read your Burren stories
I was several times on the Irish West coast and the Burren
However I saw many countries on the European continent
I was a bus driver ,I nowhere felt at home like in Ireland
The landscape the silence the people the music (Clanad ,
Mary Black,Micho Russell) and last but not at least
Mr.«urtin's Roadside tavern in Lisdoonvarna
I only have one problem,I've been looking all over the place
but could not find Tirr na'n Og
I hope there are more Burren stories to come
greetings Reinier

Mon Mar 28 14:00:25 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
That's lovely - thank you so much for letting me know.

I had to look up 'prom' but having done so I think it's certainly something that Jane and her friend Jenny would have enjoyed immensely.

Fri Mar 25 15:32:46 2011

Sara Reyes writes from US

I WAS JANE AUSTEN'S BEST FRIEND is our Fresh Pick of the day. We're doing the best of prom books this week. Even though a ball is not a prom, our committee thought it was close enough especially since the majority loved the book.

Wed Mar 23 07:53:19 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
i agree with you, Wendy. My huge interest in writing the book was to make public this wonderful system of humane and logical laws.
I hope others at your library enjoy the books also.

Tue Mar 22 17:43:45 2011

Wendy writes from Canada
Hi Cora,
I discovered My Lady Judge while perusing the shelves of our main library and as soon as I read the back cover I was hooked. I have visited Ireland twice but don't believe I have been in the Burren district although we did go to Galway and the Aran Islands. Your descriptions of the land were very good but I'm glad to have seen the pictures from this website.

What really intrigued me about the book was the information about the legal system. It reminds me a lot of the system of tribal law that our North American aboriginals use although the Irish system is considerably more codified.

Since finishing the book I have recommended it to several of my friends who are historical mystery buffs. And I hope to read others of the series soon.

Tue Mar 22 13:38:18 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I do hope that you can see it, Rita.
I had a lot of trouble as they wanted me to get 'my professor' to guarantee me.
I pointed out that at my age I would not be very likely to have a professor, but I had a huge interest.
Eventually they allowed it.
When I actually had the volume on the cushion in front of me I was shaking.
By the way, my seven-year-old grandson and his parents climbed Mulloughmore mountain this summer. Now there are signposts pointing the correct way up to the summit which is great.

Mon Mar 21 18:23:10 2011

rita davern writes from usa
Hi, Cora
My siblings and I are thoroughly enjoying "Eye of the Law."
I have applied to see the egerton 88 document in May, on the way home from Ireland. What a thrill that will be!

I'm pleased to see that your books continue to enchant young people and adults around the planet.

I wish you, Mara, and all the other characters well!


Mon Mar 21 18:03:52 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Marlo,
I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed the first two of the Mara, the Brehon, series. The next book is 'Sting of Justice' followed by 'Writ in Stone', 'Eye of the Law' & 'Scales of Retribution'.
The London Murder Mysteries are intended for children - from the age of 8 upwards. I mention this because a woman put a one star review of them on Amazon Uk complaining that they were not as good as the 'Mara' books!
I like the idea of figures in early sixteenth century costume strolling around my beloved Burren landscapes.
With all good wishes,

Fri Mar 18 07:08:52 2011

Marlo Chadwick writes from America
Hello Cora,
Just want to let youknow I have enjoyed the historical fiction novels: My Lady Judge & A Secret & Unlawful Killing.
It was lovely to look at all the pictures on your website. How about some of the people in the clothes they wore in the 1500's & of course of their horses!
I will see if I am able to request your London murder mystery series from our local library.
Blessings in Jesus Name to you & your loved ones, Marlo Chadwick

Fri Mar 18 04:47:00 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Eleanor,
No, I hadnít heard officially but Iíve just been on to my publishers and they have heard Ė some sort of mix-up.
Iím thrilled to be selected and would love to hear from your pupils Ė any questions at all.
Re boys Ė well, thatís a bit tough! Iím not sure whether they would find the book interesting but perhaps they could do so research on the naval background Ė since two of Janeís brothers were in the navy and rose to become admirals itís an important background to the books. And, of course, next year is the two hundred year anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. These sailing ships are so fascinating.
My editor at Macmillan suggests that you might like to get in touch with She is the publicity person and she will let you have posters and showcards etc.
With best wishes,


Mon Mar 14 15:53:11 2011

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