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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Andrew Kenkel writes from USA
You're very welcome. I began the sequence out of order and began with book two. Today I picked up the first book at the library and will be starting it once I finish my "to do" list. It is my reward for finishing the list and can't wait to get started. To my frustration I have not been to Ireland yet. I used to work with two siblings from Ireland, they left for Canada in '60s and then moved to the US a few years after that. He lived in England in the '90s so I was able to visit England and Wales, but always seemed to run out of time and budget before we got to Ireland or Scotland. Well, you can tell that I tend to "prattle" on, so I will close with best wishes to you for the Holiday season.

Mon Dec 15 05:21:01 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thank you, Andrew, for such a nice message. Which of the books did you read?
I've just driven through the Burren, back from County Sligo. It was very misty, but still magical.
Do you ever visit Ireland?

Sat Dec 13 16:07:33 2008

Andrew Kenkel writes from USA
Thank you for such a wonderful read. From cover to cover I was engaged and had a hard time putting it down. I so thoroughly enjoy historical fiction (I hope that is the correct term), and your novel was one of the best. Keep up the good work, and a big heart-felt thank you from a country boy who felt he was in Ireland the past few days enjoying the beauty you describe so well.

Thu Dec 11 20:41:01 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Carole: Michaemas was felt to be a term that Americans would be unfamiliar with so my American publishers decided to change it.
I'd be interested to know what you think.

Thu Dec 4 20:31:20 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Sorry to have been a while in replying, Carole; I've been in London for a few days, visiting publishers, literary agent, doing some Christmas shopping and some sightseeing.
I'm delighted that you like the books and the characters. I must confess that I am rather fond of Mara - and Turlough, of course! And I do enjoy a detective story myself and find that I equally enjoy plotting the red herrings etc. in my own book.
What part of Ireland did your mother come from?

Thu Dec 4 20:25:15 2008

Carole Hacker writes from USA
Love your books! I have been a long time Sister Fidelma fan so I can now add another new favorite, Brehon Mara. Once I started the books I can hardly put them down and then the sad part - it ends. You detail the characters so well that they seem to come to life. My mother was pure Irish so I also enjoy all of the Celtic history mixed with the mystery. Looking forward to your new books.
One question - Why did they change the name of your second book here in the USA?

Sun Nov 30 23:29:58 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Capturing the atmosphere of the Burren was my dearest ambition when I began to write this series and I'm delighted that you think that I managed that, Denise.

Fri Nov 21 16:10:55 2008

Denise writes from USA
I just finished My Lady Judge and enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series, whatever the titles. You might want to tell your publishers (gently, it wouldn't do to startle them) that quite a lot of Americans have access to dictionaries, Google, wikipedia etc. And readers that are willing to try a book that takes place in a different culture & era are comfortable with looking up the odd word or two.
Thank you for the pictures of the Burren. I was there about 3 years ago and was amazed at the beauty of the place. Your book captured the atmosphere perfectly.

Fri Nov 21 02:04:03 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks for your message, Marilyn. I'm glad you enjoyed the books.

The problem with judgement/judgment is that the original script is as published in England and people in America may find the odd discrepancy with American spelling as in grey/gray.

Wed Oct 29 10:02:55 2008

Marilyn Schmitz writes from USA
I've very much enjoyed your books but where, or where is your proof-reader? "Judgment" has only one "e", not two.

Tue Oct 28 22:32:55 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Kathleen,
The third is just being typeset and I have finished books five and six.
I have such a clear vision of how this series is to go and what I want to do is to concentrate on people of the Burren. Though not wanting to make a soap opera out of it, I just visualize various characters moving in and out of the focus of the story. Garrett MacNamara, taoiseach of the MacNamara clan, is mentioned a few times in book one, but then plays a starring role in book two. The bard, Rory, is one of four young lovers in book one, has a couple of mentions in book two, and then becomes a murder suspect in book three. Ardal O’Lochlainn, taoiseach, is prominent from the start, but in book five, when a young man, claiming to be his son, arrives from the Aran Islands, Ardal is the focus of the story.

Mon Sep 22 17:58:13 2008

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
I was enthralled from start to finish of this book and so hated to finish it. I feel like I have left friends and a special place behind.
I read Historical Mysteries to explore a different time and place and this new series is the very best.( and Medievals are my favorite)
I have both of these books tucked away for another read.
I hope that a third is being developed as I write.

Mon Sep 22 17:37:20 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
You have a good Irish name, Kathleen, so I can see that your family has kept up the connection.
I don't know if you have ever visited Galway but if you do so you will see that your ancestors have been commemorated in the traffic roundabouts on the ring road around the city. The nine tribes of Galway each have their own roundabout - there are also Skerritt, Martin, Lynch etc.
Glad you like the series and I hope you enjoy the book. Let me know how you found it.

Fri Sep 19 18:42:42 2008

Kathleen Carrow Ingram writes from US
Received the 2nd book yesterday.I just love them. My ancestors (Faunt/Fant) were one of the "Tribes" of Galway.
I imagine them there.

Fri Sep 19 18:19:02 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I love those pictures of the Burren. They were taken one winter's evening shortly before sunset and I think they show the incredible beauty of the Burren scenery.

Tue Aug 26 10:33:00 2008

Pete Mason writes from UK
Very pleased to see your website now has added links to bigger versions of the pictures on the picture album.

Mon Aug 25 01:16:07 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
It's surprising the number of people from all over the world who are descended from the inhabitants of the Burren. I'm glad that my book brought the place alive for you, Marjorie - many thanks for writing to tell me this.

I read a book that said the early days of the reign of Henry VIII (the time that my series is set) had very good weather with hot summers.

I wish we had them now - these last few years have had very wet summers - which is a shame for those visiting the Burren as it looks so wonderful when the sun comes out.

Wed Jul 30 15:16:03 2008

Marjorie writes from Manchester, England
Congratulations, I have just finished the Michaelmas Tribute. I have really enjoyed both of the books so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. It really brings the people and the area of the Burren alive and gives some insight for me into how my ancestors from this region lived in ancient times as well as providing a wonderful story. Fantastic.

Wed Jul 30 13:41:15 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks for your message, Sandie. Funnily enough, I intended Mara to remain as a single and independent career lady, but rather fell for Turlough Donn, myself, so decided that she would not be able to resist him in his troubles.
I'm afraid that book 3, 'Sting of Justice', is scheduled for May 2009. I wish it were quicker. I've finished book 5 already and am now planning book 6.

Jennifer, I hope you got my card - Macmillan forwarded yours to me.

Fri Jul 18 14:00:24 2008

Sandie Froggatt writes from Somerset England
I enjoyed the first book so much, I could not wait to get my hands on the second!!. The character of Mara is so well rounded, you feel you know her really well. The setting is wonderful and the ending of Michaelmas Tribute had me cheering !!. Will it be such a long wait for book 3 ???????.Guest

Fri Jul 18 13:50:00 2008

Jennifer writes from Ireland
Dear Ms Harrison,
ongratulations on your two Celtic books. They are so enjoyable and the character of Mara is so lovable. I like particularly the way you describe the flowers and the vegetation of the Burren. Keep up the good work - looking forward to the next book.

Tue Jun 24 08:41:18 2008

Rita Davern writes from USA
Michaelmas Tribute is such a fine mystery. The book grabbed and held me the whole way.The ending completely took me by surprise.
When I gave it to my sister, she finished it in one day, loving every minute!

Thu Jun 19 17:00:34 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Two lovely messages!
Thank you, Lesley and Patricia, for taking the trouble to write and tell me about your book clubs. It's so wonderful that my book has been enjoyed on both sides of the Irish Sea.

You queried the bit about St Patrick, Patricia. This is what is written in one of the law texts. Senchus Mór, in the sixth century.

The poet. Dubthach maccuu Lugair introduced the Brehon laws to St Patrick and Patrick accepted some but eliminated from them all elements that were contrary to Christian doctrine - as for instance the punishment for murder - a life for a life, according to the Christian doctrine.

Sat Jun 14 15:57:53 2008

Patricia Stephens writes from Ireland
Hi Cora,
I am a member of 2 book groups, I wrote to you recently where my first book group had read My Lady Judge. It was very successful so I introduced it to my second book group. I simply had to write and let you know the feedback. One of our rules is that we don't discuss the book until the meeting starts and we are all together. As some of us travelled by car to the venue they wouldn't stop talking about it. When I tried to silence them they told me "you can't quell enthusiasm". They absolutely loved it, all of them. One member said "it had all the ingredients, thriller, suspense, romance, and so well written, I loved it". Another used the word "fluid" to describe how the story flowed, this prompted a comment from another "If it were a material it would be silk". Another said your descritive passages were so vivid she was transported to the Burren and could smell the flowers". It's the first book we've done that there was unanimous agreement on, we all loved it. We rate our books out of 10. Of the six members, your book got 3 X 10, and 3 X 9. We gave it nine and a half. this is the highest any of the books has achieved, even beating the Book Thief.
I didn't mention before that I am a bookseller, hence my participation in 2 book groups. All of the members have ordered your second book Michaelmas Tribute from me, what can I say except keep writing great books.
We have one question for you. Did St. Patrick really try to change the Brehon Law to Roman Law?


Sat Jun 14 15:10:04 2008

Lesley writes from England
Hello Cora,

I promised to let you know how our book club received your book - they LOVED IT!! - every single one of them. We are a very mixed bunch of ladies - myself, lowly, hard working ......! a solicitor, a police officer, an artist, a housewife, a (french) pharmacist, a teacher of infants, a socal worker and vicar's wife, and a lady Judge. Our Judge was very interested when I announced my choice of book (yours) because she thought (correctly probably in England) that there were no lady judges at that time in history. All of us are mature ladies and it is most unusual for us all to be so enthusiastic about a book. We all wished the world was like your society, humanistic and caring.

Wed Jun 4 12:46:07 2008

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