Cora Harrison

Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Lesley Rye writes from England
Hello Cora,
I have just read your book My Lady Judge, you may remember that you signed it for me when I bought it in Tenterden last Summer. I absolutely loved the book, it reminds me so much of you. It also makes me want to visit The Burren!I have chosen your book for the reading circle I belong to and we will be talking about it on the 16th April. I hope you are well.

Mon Apr 14 19:36:54 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Joyce,
Thanks for taking the trouble to write. I'm pleased you like my Mara. She started off as 'Macha' - a medieval Gaelic name, but most non-Irish people had great difficulty in pronouncing this so I changed it to 'Mara', which, as you may know, means the merry person.

I, too, find the Brehon laws most fascinating. I can't believe how modern they are.

Mon Apr 14 19:33:00 2008

Joyce writes from US
dear Cora,
what a fan you have in me, My maiden name was O'Mara, so i am quite partial to your Mara. I am fascinated with the laws in your book and am telling my family and friends of your book. I live on the Oregon coast much like the Irish one. My people are from Cork.

Mon Apr 14 19:31:16 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Tevis,
It's exciting getting a message from San Francisco and I'm so delighted that you liked 'My Lady Judge', I, too, find Brehon law completely fascinating. It seems amazing how modern and humanitarian it is. It makes me proud to be Irish - or perhaps I should say Celtic - when I read about it. Are you Welsh in origin? Book two will be out in May here in Ireland and in Britain, Canada etc and in America in September. Many thanks for going to the trouble of writing.

Mon Apr 14 19:28:53 2008

Tevis Jones, writes from San Francisco, U.S.
Dear Cora,
I just finished "My Lady Judge". What a wonderful book!! I've visited the Burren many times, studied medieval Irish history, and have always been interested in Brehon law. You've illuminated all of these subjects beautifully in your book, and thrown in a well-crafted mystery as well; it was absolutely perfect reading for St. Patrick's Day week. I look forward to more titles in what I'm sure will be a vibrant series.
Thank you!!
Tevis Jones, San Francisco, U.S.

Mon Apr 14 19:21:34 2008

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Dear Frances,
It's lovely when someone appreciates your book and takes the time and trouble to let you know. The next Mara book will be coming in a month's time - 'Michaelmas Tribute' in the British edition and 'A Secret & Unlawful Killing' in the American will come out in September.I've been to the British library and have seen the Brehon laws copied out by Domhnall O'Davoren and his scholars in the mid sixteenth century. I felt my hands shake when I held the book!

Mon Apr 14 19:19:47 2008

Frances McNair
For the first time in what seems like an age I was transported back in time so much so that I had to check out "Brehon Law" and have since had a merry discussion with my librarian re your book, please do try hard not to keep us waiting for too long for more of Mara. What a woman if only there were more of her. Anyway just had to say Thanks

Mon Apr 14 19:18:18 2008

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