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The Fed-up Vacuum Cleaner

Im fed up, said the little vacuum cleaner.

The Fed-up Vacuum Cleaner.All I do is work, work, work,

And gobble spiders.

I know what Ill do, said the little vacuum cleaner.

Ill run away.

So the little vacuum cleaner runs away to find friends and to have fun. However, he finds that life outside is not so good and when he returns home he finds that he is really appreciated there.

Its nice to be home again, said the little vacuum cleaner.

A nice, easy read for children aged between 5 and 7.

General Field Mouse

In the gate came lots of mice.

General Field MouseThe cats are coming, they squeaked.

Down the long roads, run, run, running came the mice.

Through the dark roads, creep, creep, creeping came the mice.

The mice are in deadly danger, but brave General Field Mouse thinks of a plan. The mice end up safe, and the cats end up very wet, and determined never to go near those field mice again!

A good story, and easy to read for children aged between 5 and 7. The pictures offer lots of opportunities to talk about the text.

I Want a Dog

Mum, I want a dog, says Rory.

The twins want a dog. The trouble is they want big, difficult dogs and Mum is a busy working mum and she just wants a quiet life.

I Want a DogI want a Siberian Husky, says Rory.

I want a St Bernard, says Robert.

How will it all work out? Whats going to happen?

Fun for 5 to 7 year-olds. Could also be appropriate for intelligent older children with reading difficulties.

The Wizard of the Woods

He looked like a cat.

The Wizard of the WoodsJust a black cat walking down the road.

But he wasnt a cat.

He was a wizard.

He was the wizard of the woods.

The King of the Night has stolen the sun. A little black cat (who is no ordinary cat) must bring it back with the help of some magic.

An easy read for an imaginative child. Should be popular with those seven-year-olds who want to read Harry Potter, and cant.

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