Worksheet 5

Dark Ages in Europe/Golden Age in Ireland


10 AD

Houses & Settlements

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 7)  What were the Viking houses made from?

2 (Chapter 7)  How did they make the roofs of the houses?

3 (Chapter 12)  What was the pathway along the bank of the River Shannon made from?

4 (Chapter 12)   How were the biggest houses in Limerick made? What was the shape of the roof?

5 (Chapter 12)  What was a sauna?

Fact File

The Viking settlements in Ireland were mostly by the sea or by a river that led in from the sea.
Dublin, Waterford, Limerick and Cork were all Viking settlements originally. They called them
longports Viking houses were made by putting a framework of posts into the ground and weaving soft rods of hazel wood in and out just like basket- work. The walls were then plastered with mud. The roof was thatched with reeds or straw or made from wooden shingles (tiles).


Draw a picture of a Viking house.


Make a little model of a Viking longport. Use match sticks and plasticine to make the houses and straw or balsa wood to make the roofs.
The Viking Experience in Dublin.


Imagine that you were captured by the Vikings and taken to their
longport at Limerick. Write a description of what happened and how you managed to escape.

Imagine that you are digging by the River Shannon and suddenly you see a gleam of gold. Could it be Viking treasure? Write a description of what happens next.