Worksheet 5



The suppression of Gaelic Ireland


16 AD

Queen Elizabeth 1

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 11) What was Grace's first impression of Queen Elizabeth?

2 (Chapter 12) What was the name of Queen Elizabeth's Master of Horse?

3 (Chapter 11) When Brendan Davoren surrendered his land to Queen Elizabeth, how much land did he get back?

4 (Chapter 11)  Why did Queen Elizabeth dislike the Irish?

5 (Chapter 11)  What did the court of Queen Elizabeth look like?


Draw a picture of a Queen Elizabeth 1.

Fact File

Elizabeth 1, daughter of Henry V111 by his second wife, Anne Boleyn, was born in the year 1533 and became Queen of England in the year 1558. Although she was not a good queen for Ireland - she 'planted' English settlers in all the places with good land and drove the native Irish into the poorer lands -
she was a very good queen for England and England became rich and prosperous during her reign.


Draw or trace a map of England and Ireland. Mark out the route that Brendan Davoren's ship might have taken to go from County Clare in the west of Ireland to London in the east of England.


Imagine that are at the court of Queen Elizabeth and write a description of what happened the evening that Judith and Grace came there.

Write a play of the interview between Queen Elizabeth, Grace, Mary Fitzgerald and John Fitzgerald. Start a new line every time that someone new starts to speak.