Worksheet 5


Eighteenth Century


18 AD

Catholic Religion

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 11)   What did the chapel in Kilfenora look like in 1798?

2 (Chapter 11) What were the four 'rights' that Father Carrigg wanted the Catholics to have?

3 (Chapter 11) What happened after the sermon ended?

4 (Chapter 11) What did the soldiers do to the priest?

5 (Chapter 11) Where was the priest going to be taken to?


Draw a picture of a Mass rock.

Fact File

The people of Kilfenora were quite lucky to have their own church, or chapel, in 1798. Most Catholics still had to hear Mass secretly - in a an old shed or at a Mass rock - a big rock out in the fields where some of the Catholics could keep a look out to warn everyone to run away if the English soldiers were coming.
Catholics had to find money to pay their own priest, as well as paying 'tithes' every year to the Protestant clergy..


If you live in the country, see if there are any places around that might have been a Mass rock in the eighteenth century. Ask at your local library or museum.


Imagine what Father Carrigg said in his sermon. Write down his words.

Imagine going secretly to hear Mass at a Mass Rock. Write a description of the danger, the tension....