Worksheet 6


Eighteenth Century


18 AD


Read & Write

1 (Chapter 1)  What sort of clothes would Caitriona have worn in the beginning of the book?

2 (Chapter 12)  What was the name of the material that Aimee was wearing?

3 (Chapter 11) What were the fine ladies and gentlemen going to the Protestant church dressed like?

4 (Chapter 15)  How were her muslin dresses made?

5 (Chapter 15)  Describe Caitriona's morning robe.


Draw a picture of an eighteenth century dress for a man or for a woman..

Fact File

In the early eighteen century dresses were very stiff and had very wide skirts and were very frilled and flounced. Lots of petticoats stuffed with horse hair were worn underneath in order to hold the skirts out.
Towards the end of the eighteenth century there was a great change and dresses became very simple and soft and hung down straight.


Draw a picture of an eighteenth century dress. Find some books in the library (the librarian will help you) and either copy a pattern or do one like the description of Caitriona's dress.


Imagine that you are a dress designer in late eighteenth century. Describe a dress that you have designed.

Imagine Caitriona's first party when she arrives in France. What will she wear and how will she enjoy herself. Will she sing?