Worksheet 4




20 AD

Life on the Titanic

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 6) What was Lady Victoria's cabin like?

2 (Chapter 6) What did the steward think was a silly waste of money?

3 (Chapter 6) Where did the maids and valets eat?

4 (Chapter 8) What did Kitty have to eat when she was sent a tray of food by Lady Victoria?

5 (Chapter 7) What was the gymnasium like?

Fact File

The Titanic was laid out like a most luxurious hotel. The lounge and the writing and reading room and the smoking room all had walls made of polished mahogany, inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The grand staircase was made from pale oakwood, beautifully carved and polished..
On B deck were all the great suites of room which only millionaires could afford They were furnished with marble baths and 4 poster beds.


Draw a menu for a first class dinner.


Try to find a book in the library which will tell you all about the food they ate on board the Titanic. Decide which items were for the first class passengers and which for the third class passengers.


Imagine that you are a newspaper reporter. You write an article describing either the gymnasium or the restaurant.

You are a child travelling to America. You meet Robert and Tabitha. Write a description of what might have happened.