Worksheet 1


War of Independence


20 AD

Michael Collins

Read & Write
(Chapter 1)

1 What part of Ireland did Michael Collins come from?

2 How old was he in 1921?

3 What did the Black & Tans do to Michael Collins's brother?

4 Why did Michael Collins keep a list and why was it dangerous?

5 Who helped Michael Collins to spy on the English in Dublin Castle?


Draw a picture of Michael Collins.

Fact File

Michael Collins was born in West Cork in 1890.

He joined the Volunteers in 1916 and took part in the 1916 rising and was put in prison after it failed.

Michael Collins organised the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to fight using 'hit-and-run' tactics. He also set up a network of spies to report to him the plans of the British Government and was in charge of the money collected for the campaign.


Ask your parents if you may watch part of the video of the film:
Michael Collins.

Visit the birthplace of Michael Collins near Clonakilty in Cork.


Imagine that you are Michael Collins. Write a letter to Richard Mulcahy (another IRA man) telling him about the visit to Drumshee and about the list.

Imagine that you have offered to look after the list for Michael Collins. Write a description how you met him (checking carefully for spies) and how you told him of your safe hiding place.