Worksheet 2


War of Independence


20 AD

The Black & Tans

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 1) What terrible deed of the Black & Tans did Mike McMahon tell Michael Collins about?

2 (Chapter 2) How did Mrs Arkins explain the Black & Tans to John Joe?

3 (Chapter 5) What did the Black & Tans do to Bridget?

4 (Chapter 6)  What made the Black & Tans crash into Mary O'Callaghan's horse and cart?

5 (Chapter 10) What did the Black & Tans do to the Kilfenora Band?


Draw a picture of a Black and Tan.

Fact File

The British Government sent armed ex-soldiers to Ireland. One group was known as the Black and Tans because they wore black jackets and tan trousers.

The Black & Tans had very little training and very little discipline. They were greatly hated in Ireland and were responsible for many atrocities. Many more people joined the IRA because of the stories of what the Black & Tans were doing across Ireland.


Are there any stories about the Black & Tans in your neighbourhood? Some old people may remember stories told to them by their parents.
Try tape-recording some of these stories.


Imagine that you are a member of the Black & Tans. Write a letter back to your mother in England. Do you think that the Black & Tans enjoyed Ireland?

Imagine that you are the son or daughter of Michael Collins's brother. Write a description of the scene in Chapter One where the Black & Tans came to the house.