Worksheet 5


War of Independence


20 AD


Read & Write

1 (Chapter 3)  Were bicycles very cheap in 1921?

2   Did the McMahons own a car?

3 How did Mary O'Callaghan travel to Ennistymon?

4 What did the Black and Tans use?

5  (Chapter 13) Why did the doctor have a car, do you think?


Draw a picture of a steam train.

Fact File

In 1921 trains were much more numerous than they are now. The West Clare Railway was closed down in 1957 and around that time many other small local railways were closed down, too. Country people missed them very much, because they gave a great opportunity to go to places more that ten or twenty miles away very quickly and easily. Also the trains made it easy for them to see their meat, butter and vegetables. Cars were very expensive and only the rich could afford them.


Look in a map of County Clare and see the route of the West Clare Railway. It travelled through Ennis, Corofin, Ennistymon, Lahinch, Miltown Malbay and Kilkee.


Imagine that you are on the West Clare Railway on 2 July 1921. Write a description of what happened after the train left Corofin (chapter 5).

Imagine that there is a law that no one could own a car. Would you enjoy going everywhere by cart, or bicycle or train, or on horseback? Make a list of the good things about doing without cars, and then make another list of the bad things.