Worksheet 6


War of Independence


20 AD

The Truce & Treaty

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 13) When was the truce declared. Give the day, date and month as well as the year.

2 (Chapter 13) Why would the men be allowed out of prison?

3 (Chapter 3) How long did the truce last?

4 (Chapter 13) What did Michael Collins want from the treaty?

5 (Chapter 13) Why do you think that de Valera wanted to fight on?


Draw a picture of de Valera.

Fact File

Sinn Fein had got almost complete control of the parliament in Dublin by getting themselves elected in about ninety per cent of the seats around the country.
The British Government started talks in London. de Valera was secretly released from prison and taken over to London and the truce was signed in July 1921.
de Valera was not present when the treaty was signed.six months later.


Talk about how the truce in 1921 was a bit like the Good Friday agreement in 1998. Do you remember when that happened and what did you think about it?


Imagine what did Bridget do on Monday 11th of July. Write her story. Did she meet John Joe?

Imagine that you are in prison and the news of the truce comes. Write the story of what happens then.