Worksheet 1



20/21 AD



Read & Write

1 (Chapter 2) What does Emma wear going to school?

2 (Chapter 15) What does Emma wear when she goes to the airport to meet Bruce?

3 (Chapter 17) What does Emma's mother want her to wear to the party?

4 (Chapter 17) What does she choose instead?

Fact File

A hundred years ago everyone was dressed in 'natural' fibres. They wore wool taken from sheep, leather from cattle, linen woven from flax plants or cotton woven from cotton plants. In the twentieth century nylon was invented. This was made from chemicals and turned into a fine thread and then woven into cloth. It was very hard wearing and easy to wash, but not comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. Now, most of our clothes are a mixture of nylon and natural fibres.


Draw a picture of your favourite outfit.


Ask your grandmother/father and then your mother /father what they wore to parties at your age. What are the differences?
Think about wearing the wrong clothes at a party. Would you care? Or would it spoil the evening for you?


Imagine that you go forward in time into the 22nd century. Write a description of what you are wearing and how it was made.

Imagine that you go to a party and you hate the clothes that your mother bought for you. Write a description of the evening. What do the other kids say?