Worksheet 4


Effects of the Famine
Dispersal of the Irish

Fact File

After the famine about six million people left Ireland to go to England, America and to Australia.
Today, many Americans and Australians and English people have one or two Irish grandparents or great grandparents.
John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, was descended from Irish grandparents.

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 4) Where did Bruce's great-great-grandfather come from originally?

2 (Chapter 4) Why did Emma's father want to move to the west of Ireland?

3 (Chapter 4) What did Bruce's grandfather have on his wall?

4 (Chapter 4) Why do you think that the field names were written in Irish?

5  What were the names of Emma and Bruce's great-great-grandparents? Why do you think that they left Ireland?


Draw a picture of a 'coffin' ship.


Look at a map of the world. Trace the journey for Irish people who went to America or to Australia in an old sailing ship. Imagine what it was like for them.

Look up the meaning of 'Diaspora' in a dictionary


Imagine that you are Daniel (If you read Famine Secret you will know all about him.). Write the story of how he went to Australia.

Imagine that you are Deirdre (If you read
Famine Secret you will know all about her.). Write the story of how she went to England - perhaps she became rich with her lace-making.

Imagine discovering a cousin in America. Write a e-mail to him/her.