Worksheet 5




20 AD

German Shepherd Dogs

Read & Write

1 (Chapter 1) Why did the dog breeder think that Emma should choose the small, timid puppy?

2 (Chapter 4) How did Emma distract Heidi from the sheep?

3 (Chapter 5 & s6) How did Emma train Heidi?

4 (Chapter 15) What did Heidi wear when she was tracking?

5 (Chapter 16) How did Heidi manage to track Orla's little sister?


Draw a picture of your favourite dog.

Fact File

The German shepherd dog was created in Germany about a hundred years ago, by crossing three breeds of sheep dog. It is a loyal and very intelligent breed of dog, though some dogs can be too inclined to guard. During the First World War it was used as a messenger dog in the front lines and some of them were captured and brought to England where they were known as Alsatians because the first dogs had been captured in Alsace.


Find out some more about German shepherd dogs by getting a book from the library.
German shepherds are often used as Guide Dogs for blind people. Find out about the work done by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


Imagine that you are allowed to choose a German shepherd puppy. Write its story.

Imagine that you are a German shepherd dog who is being used as a war messenger in 1917. Write the story of how you are captured and brought to England. Choose a good German name like Rolfe or Franz or Helmut.

Imagine that you have a wonderful success with your German shepherd dog. Write about what happened?