Daniel O'Connell

' The Secret Spy at Drumshee'

Worksheet 1 


Fight for Catholic Emancipation.


19 AD

Daniel O'Connell

Read & Write

Chapter 1

  1. Who would be the first Catholic member of Parliament?

2 What was Daniel O'Connell trying to do for the Catholics in Ireland?

Chapter 2

3 What was the Catholic rent?

4 How much did the poor people give?

5 How old was Daniel O'Connell in 1828?

Fact File

Daniel O'Connell:
Born in 1775 .
Brought up by his uncle in Co. Kerry.
Went to school in France in 1791.
Became a  lawyer (barrister) in 1796.
Was very successful and earned a lot of money.
In 1800 he began the struggle against Britain.
He wanted:

  • Home Rule for the Irish.
  • Equal Rights for Catholics.
In 1828 he stood as the first Catholic candidate in the election in Co. Clare and was successful. Catholic Emancipation was given in 1829.
He died in 1847, two years after the Great Famine.


Draw a poster which would make people vote for Daniel O'Connell.



If you are in Kerry try to visit Daniel O'Connell's home in Derrynane?
If you are in Clare, go to Ennis and see where the statue of Daniel O'Connell stands. This is the spot where the elections results were read out.
There is another statue of him in Dublin.


Imagine that you are Daniel O'Connell. Write an account of the week in Ennis when you were at last elected as the first Catholic Member of Parliament.

Imagine that you are Jimmy. Write about how you met Ronan and what happened in Ennis that week.