Daniel O'Connell

'The Secret Spy at Drumshee'

Worksheet 4


Fight for Catholic Emancipation.


19 AD


Read & Write

1 How would a boy of four be dressed in 1828?

2 What materials did rich ladies use for their dresses?

3 What was Mrs O'Connell's dress made from?

4 How does Ronan describe the soldiers who cross the bridge?

5 What does Ronan wear for the dinner with Daniel O'Connell and the other gentlemen?

Fact File

In the early part of the 19th century women and small girls and boys wore long dresses with fairly narrow skirts. The rich wore silks and velvets, but the poor mostly wore homespun wool (known as frieze) and sometimes linen.
Men and boys of over six or seven wore pantaloons (tight trousers), frock coat (reaching to the knees), waistcoats and linen shirts.
At a court function in 1829 Daniel O'Connell's wife wore a 'dress of white tulle (a soft fine silk) over a white satin slip, ornamented with blond and white roses, and a train of pink satin. She wore a head-dress of blond lappets (over-lapping folds), feathers and


Draw a picture of Mrs O'Connell in all her finery or
copy a drawing of your favourite outfit in the book.


Get a book out of the library about clothes in the early nineteenth century. Join with some of your friends to make a group scene. Put rich and poor men, women and also, perhaps some marching soldiers.


Imagine that Daniel O'Connell offers Mary Ann a new dress to thank her for her part in saving him. Write down a description of the dress that she chooses.

Imagine that you have just joined the army. Write a description of your uniform.