Daniel O'Connell
'The Secret Spy at Drumshee'

Worksheet  5


Fight for Catholic Emancipation.


19 AD

The Election at Ennis

Read & Write

  1. (Chap. 1) Were there any Catholics in the British Parliament before the Ennis election?

  1. What was the date of the election at Ennis?

3 What were the names of the two candidates?

4 Why did the priests forbid everyone to drink on the streets of Ennis during the election?

5 What were the results of the election?

Fact File

The election in 1828 in Ennis, Co. Clare is famous because it was the first time that a candidate was a Catholic. Daniel O'Connell agreed to stand against Vesey Fitzgerald on Monday June 24 and within twenty-four hours sixteen Dublin Catholics had raised 1600 for the election expenses.
During the election there were 3000 soldiers in Ennis. They were there to keep order, but many of the ordinary soldiers them were Irish themselves and they were secretly very pleased. When Daniel O'Connell went back to Dublin many 'threw up their caps'.


Draw a picture of the scene in front of the courthouse with the people queuing up to vote.

Explore...Talk about elections.
Nowadays the ballot is secret; in 1828 it was open.
Which do you think is better: a secret ballot or and open one?
Would it make a difference to you if you were asked to vote on the nicest person in the class?


Imagine that you were a reporter from the London Times. You are writing an account of the election in Ennis. Write about the scene in front of the courthouse and about Jimmy and his pig.

Imagine that you are the yellow-faced landlord. Give yourself a name and write about what happened.