Daniel O'Connell

' The Secret Spy at Drumshee'

Worksheet  6


Fight for Catholic Emancipation.


19 AD

Catholic Emancipation

Read & Write

(Chap. 2)

1  What does John say to Michael about Catholic Emancipation?

2 What does he say about the Arkins family. Will Catholic Emancipation be good for them?

3 Do you think he was right?

(Chap. 9)

4 Why did Daniel O'Connell want so much to win the election at Ennis?

5 What did Father Murphy say that Daniel O'Connell would get for the tenants?

Fact File

Catholic Emancipation was granted in 1829.
Before Catholic Emancipation ,Catholics could not be a parliamentary candidate. This meant that the Catholics in Ireland had no one to speak up for them in parliament. They had no one to fight for the rights of the tenant farmers.
There were other restrictions on Catholics at that time. They could not hold any public office, they could not be a senior barrister. They could not be a judge. They could not be an army officer. They had to go to university in France or Spain.


Draw a picture of the British Houses of Parliament.


Get in groups and think out some good posters asking for Catholic Emancipation. Make up a slogan--don't use too many words--try to make it so that it catches the attention. Use a big black marker for the lettering.


Imagine that you want to convince someone that Catholics should be granted Catholic Emancipation, make a list of your reasons.

Imagine that you are the son of a rich Catholic shopkeeper. He wants you to be a doctor. There is no university for Catholics in Ireland, so you have to go on a ship to France. Write down a description of your journey and of your first day at a French university.