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Latest children's books by Cora Harrison

January 2007

Dhá Chorp

Úna Ní Chonchúir a d’aistrigh

Tógálaithe is iad ag obair ar shiopa Uí Raghallaigh, tagann siad ar dhá chorp faoi chláir urláir an tseansiopa.


Two Bodies

Workmen renovating O’Reilly’s shop find two bodies under the floorboards. Who put them there? How long have they been there?

A group of boys from the local secondary school set out to investigate the matter. They elicit the help of the daughter of the local undertaker.

Irish language children's story published by An Gúm, 24-27 Sráid Fhreidric Thuaidh, Baile Átha Cliath 1, January 2007

Drumshee Chronicles

A Life for a Life by Cora HarrisonA Life for a Life

'What can I do? yelled O'Malachy.

'I can't march on Limerick. It would take thousands of men to sack King John's castle.

'If Sir John is going to hang Shane, we can hang this Norman knight here at Drumshee.'

A Life for a Life by Cora HarrisonCan Shane escape from the dungeon before he is hanged?

Why won't Sir John de Courcy agree to ransom his stepson?

Will Shane's sister, Fidelma, be able to save Hugh, the handsome young Norman knight?

Will Hugh's sister, Isabelle, be forced to marry Sir Piers St Leger?

The country is in turmoil - Celtic Irish on one side, Norman English on the other.

Is there any future for four young people whose love stretches across this boundary?

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Doomed to die by Cora HarrisonDoomed to Die

Death has been forecast . . .

'Your father will die in the battle at Dublin,' said the old woman flatly. 'He will die at a place called Clontarf.

Meanwhile in Drumshee the beautiful young Nessa prayed for her father, her older brother, Lochlann, and her beloved Fintan.

Doomed to Die by Cora HarrisonWhat did the old woman see in the fire after the Viking had left her?

Whose name did Lochlann of Drumshee hear in the banshee's cry?

What deadly fate did the raven, the bird of the Viking god Odin, forecast?

Who lived and who died at Clontarf on Good Friday 1014?


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Drumshee Chronicles: Treachery at MidnightTreachery at Midnight

And I took his body in my arms, and I carried him up to the top of Mount Callan.

And I laid him in the shallow grave that I had hollowed out of the stony soil.

And then I shovelled the earth over him and hid him forever. I carried over a heavy flagstone and placed it on the mound. And with my knife I carved these words. 'Here lies Conan, the fierce and turbulent.'

Detail from coverWho was Conan? Why was he called 'fierce and turbulent'? How did he die? Who buried him?

In the Eighth Century turmoil of warring tribes, love, jealousy, blackmail and revenge, Conan's story unfolds.

He entangles his foster brother, Columba, and the beautiful Sorcha in a terrifying adventure that will change all their lives forever.

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Treachery At Midnight, by Cora Harrison, published by Mentor books www.mentorbooks.ie  


Drumshee Chronicles: Murder Strikes AgainMurder Strikes Again

The body arranged upon the altar table was dead; there was no doubt about that.

The dead man was Cetterick the priest; there was no doubt about that either.

But who had killed him?

In fifth century Ireland, Christianity was new and strange, and Cetterick, the priest, had been cruel and arrogant and had made many enemies.

Ita sets out to solve the mysteryBut which one of those enemies hated him enough to kill him?

Was it the unfortunate slave boy?

The jealous druid?

The goldsmith in fear for his life?

The wife whom Cetterick had abandoned?

The farmer cheated of his land?

And what about the beautiful Mara? What was she doing outside the chapel?

Once again murder strikes at Drumshee, and once again Ita and her fellow students at Drumshee law school set out to solve the mystery.

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Murder Strikes Again, by Cora Harrison, published by Mentor books www.mentorbooks.ie  



There is great excitement in Castletown school.

Gorgeous, by Cora HarrisonAn English film company is shooting a film locally.

The film producer arrives to hold an audition for the part of a twelve-year-old girl. There are only eight girls in the sixth class.

Who will be chosen?

Will it be Zara, blonde, blue-eyed, and the most popular girl in the class?

Or Ann, also blonde, also blue-eyed, but teased and ignored by the others?

Or will it be one of the other six girls?

*   *   *

Gorgeous, By Cora HarrisonThe girl who is chosen is in seventh heaven.

She has a wonderful day filming.

Everyone on the set thinks she is gorgeous!

But after a while things start to go wrong, both in school and at home.

How will she cope?

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Gorgeous, by Cora Harrison, published by Mentor books www.mentorbooks.ie  

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Drumshee Chronicles, Gorgeous, and Dragonfly Readers are published by Mentor Books, 43 Furze Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Ireland www.mentorbooks.ie   email: admin@mentorbooks.ie

The Drumshee Timeline and Wolf series are published by Wolfhound Press, an imprint of Merlin Publishing, 16 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, Ireland publishing@merlin.ie 

Two Mad dogs is book 4 of the Chimps series, published by The Children's Press, an imprint of Anvil Books, 45 Palmerston Road, Dublin 6, Ireland

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