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Two Mad Dogs

‘I liked those dogs as soon as I saw them.

They were cool!

Mum liked them too.

"They’re cute," she said.

"They’re mad," said Dad.

Tim can’t choose between Pirate and Perky; he wants to have them both. Mum hopes that the two dogs will amuse themselves while everyone is out during the day, but Dad is not so sure.

‘"Oh, very well," said Dad. "But they’ll be TROUBLE! Don’t say I didn’t warn you."

He was right. Those two dogs were mad! They dug holes in the garden, scattered all the plants from the pond over the carpet and tore the neighbour’s washing off her line.

Then something happens that makes Dad pat them on the head and say:

"Good dogs, I liked you from the start!"

This is an easy read with lots of clever illustrations to amuse the children.

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