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Wolfcub series

Wolf in the Midnight Forest

The new puppy was about the size of a teddy bear. He sat on the kitchen floor and looked at Mark and Mark stroked his soft warm ears.

‘You’ll have to find a name for him,’ said Mum.

Wolf in the Midnight ForestMark names the puppy, Wolf. Wolf is a magical puppy and he and Mark have a great adventure when they go to rescue the Swan Princess in the Midnight Forest.

Suddenly Wolf stopped and stood with one paw raised. Mark froze.

They were no longer alone. Something was in the cave with them.

A fast moving, exciting and imaginative story for the seven to nine year-old age range. The print is large and there are only eighty pages in the book so it makes an easy read to a newly confident reader.

Wolf and the Frozen Mist

The trees of the forest were huge – huge and very black. In the white light of the moon, their spiky branches looked like witch’s hair. The path beneath the trees was silver-grey.

Mark and Wolf were on the path leading to the forest.

Wolf and the Frozen MistThis is second book in the Wolf series. Everything is going wrong for Mark. His mother is in hospital, a new boy has come to the school and he is an even worse bully than Raymond McCann. However, when the word comes that the Midnight Forest is in trouble again, Mark and Wolf go bravely out to save them from the evil, frozen mist that is threatening to shut Christmas out of the forest.

Wolf stopped. Bit by bit, the mist cleared. Mark took a deep breath. Beside them he could hear the roar of a black river. It had a faint gleam of moonlight on it. They were in a cave, in the rocky passageway of an underground river. And they were not alone.

The cave was full of thousands of bats!

Cora Harrison writes:

"I started to write these books when my puppy, Wolf, was only eight weeks old. 

My puppy, WolfHe was a gorgeous puppy as you can see from the photo that was taken of him the first day that he was in my cottage. 

At first, I was just going to write a story about a boy who was being bullied in school. He gets a puppy and his life gets better. 

But then, probably because Wolf was such a magical puppy, I began to wonder what would happen if he were really a wolf and a wolf with magical powers. 

As soon as I thought of that I started to write the book and I had finished it in one week!

Irish Myths and Legends

When I was writing the four Wolf books I found Irish myths and legends to be a great source of inspiration.

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