The Owl
Chapters 3 & 4


Types of owls:
Barn owls are white owls that live in barns. Harry Potter's owl is a barn owl.
Eagle owls are very big owls. They are about 70 cms high. They eat hares, rats and large birds.
Snowy owls live in the arctic and they nest on open ground, not in trees or buildings like other owls.
Long-eared owls are coloured brown and grey. They look as if they have tall ears, but these are just tufts of hair and the ear itself is hidden beneath these tufts. They are about 30 cm tall, but have very large wings. They eat mice, birds, fish, frogs, and insects.

Can an owl be a friend?

Owls are fierce, wild creatures.

They are not pack animals so they will not love anyone outside their own family.

They can be trained to fly back and perch on their trainer.

This is done by offering them food every time they return.

An owl will not love you.

An owl will not protect you.

An owl can never be a friend to a person.

Talk About.

'...Very, very interesting,' said Dr Owl.
He doesn't know what it means, thought Mark.'

Talk about people, like Dr Owl, who pretend to know something even if they don't really.
Is it a good idea?

Can it lead to problems?


  1. Does Dr Owl know what the stone means?

2. What advice does Dr Owl give to Mark and Wolf before they cross the Perilous Plain?